Year 6 2019 - 2020

Miss Fazackerley

Welcome to Year 6

Your teachers this year are Miss Fazackerley and Mr Crook and the classes will also be supported by Mrs Pugh.

Enjoy looking at our class page every week!


Please have a look at our Curriculum, English, Maths and Homework pages using the links above to find out more about what we will be learning this half term. 

I have really enjoyed getting to know Year 6 over the last couple of weeks and I know already that we are going to have a brilliant year together.  We have been discussing the added responsibilities of Year 6 and have chosen our prefects to fulfil some of these tasks.

Please look at our class page on a regular basis to see some of the amazing things that we have been up to and what we have been learning about.

This term Year 6 will be learning about our local area in Geography and the function of the heart and lungs in the human body in Science.  Click on the Curriculum link above to find out more.

Home Reading

Reading Plus

All of the children have a Reading Plus log in.  Research has proven that using this programme for 10 minutes a night, drastically improves the children's reading age, improving their fluency and understanding.  Therefore this is something that we ask that the children complete on a nightly basis.

All children will be asked to choose a home reading book. This may be from the class selection, school library, Widnes library or a book the children have at home that is appropriate which has been checked by the teacher. The children have been asked to read a range of books this year- different authors and styles of book. 

Reading Diary (Homework Diary)

Children are asked to record the book title and pages they read in their diary. At least one of the recorded entries should be signed by a parent/guardian after they have read with their child.

Spellings - Year 5/6 Spelling List

You can complete the games for this week's list on spelling shed to help you:

accident(ally) -  actual(ly) - address - answer - appear - arrive - believe - bicycle - breath - breathe - build busy/business - calendar - caught - centre - century - certain - circle - complete - consider - continue - decide describe - different - difficult - disappear - early - earth - eight/eighth - enough - exercise - experience - experiment extreme - famous - favourite - February - forward(s) - fruit - grammar - group - guard - guide - heard - heart - height - history - imagine - increase - important - interest - island - knowledge - learn - length - library - material medicine - mention - minute - natural - naughty - notice - occasion(ally) - often - opposite - ordinary - particular peculiar - perhaps - popular - position - possess(ion) - possible - potatoes - pressure - probably - promise - purpose - quarter - question - recent - regular - reign - remember - sentence - separate - special - straight - strange - strength - suppose - surprise - therefore - though/although - thought - through - various - weight woman/women - re-enter




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