Physical Education Curriculum Design

Guiding Principles

We want our children to Appreciate, Aspire and Achieve. We are committed to delivering a physical education curriculum which develops the knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary in the development of healthy and active lives. We provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way that supports health and fitness through a broad range of physical activities, engagement in sports, competitions and other activities to build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.

Core Beliefs




A PE Curriculum that develops every child’s ability to appreciate, care, respect and understand themselves, others and the world in which they live. A curriculum that also ensures that every child feels valued and cared for.

A PE Curriculum that provides a range of opportunities, designed to empower every child to ‘dream big’ and develop a sense of what is possible for them to achieve now and in their future lives.

A PE Curriculum that ensures all children have the skills, knowledge, attitude and social understanding to achieve in all aspects of their lives and equip them to become active, engaged and good citizens.

Curriculum Approach

Our mastery approach to lesson design is based upon our strong knowledge of pedagogy and our understanding of our children’s needs. This ensures that each lesson maximises both learning and our core beliefs of Appreciate, Aspire and Achieve.

In Physical Education, our main aim as a school is for all children to develop a love of physical activity; the necessary skills needed in physical education for life and also be able to have access to future learning. A carefully considered teaching cycle is followed throughout the school. The cycle consists of building upon the children’s prior knowledge and skills throughout their school life.

At Lunt’s Heath, we ensure a curricular physical education programme is in place which meets statutory National Curriculum requirements, providing pupils with at least two hours of curricular physical education in which a broad and balanced programme is provided.

The curriculum provides opportunities for high levels of pupil participation and quality physical activity both within and outside of curriculum time. These consider the needs and interests of all pupils, promoting positive attitudes towards participation in physical activity. This enables pupils to develop a full range of basic movement skills and increase pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the importance of physical activity.

CPD opportunities are provided throughout the year to develop teacher expertise in a variety of sporting activities.

Lessons ensure safe and effective exercise procedures, including warm ups and cool downs when in lessons and children develop an understanding of the importance of these. Lessons are taught in safe and stimulating areas in which pupils can be active, ensuring that facilities and equipment is available for pupils to use at lunchtimes and break times, therefore encouraging pupils to be active at these times.

Our teachers raise the profile of physical activity throughout the school, encouraging cross-curricular links and participation in extra-curricular events. All classes participate in a ‘Daily Mile’ which is an integral part of the school day demonstrating to the children the effect of physical activity on mental health and wellbeing.

Opportunities are provided throughout the academic year for all children to participate in competitive intra school events such as Sports Day and inter school sports events which promote and raise the profile of activity, encourage healthy competition, and help to build resilience and individual character.

Teachers support children in increasing their own physical activity with a school ethos to encourage children to walk or cycle to school with ‘Funky Feet Friday’ and secure storage for bikes.


Children’s knowledge, understanding and progress across all subject areas as well as their desire and ability to learn will be measured using a range of qualitative and quantitative strategies including: teacher summative assessment, performance data measured from starting point, lesson observations, drop ins, all stakeholder voice, collaborative research, use of external critical friends and self / peer evaluation.

By the time a pupil leaves Lunt’s Heath Primary School in Year 6, pupils will have the essential knowledge and skills to be physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. They will have an appreciation of their own strengths and talents and will have confidently mastered the skills necessary to maintain and inspire an active and healthy lifestyle.

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