Each week we learn about a new number.

We are learning to...

*Read and write the number 

*Make sets of the number

*Count objects by touching each object as we say each number 

* One more and one less

* Money

* Time 


Maths activities at home...     Image result for cartoon maths picture

In the street
Recognising bus numbers
Number plate hunt. Who can find a 7?
Comparing door numbers
Counting – how many lampposts on the way to school?

Doing the washing
Sorting by colour and size
Matching/pairing up socks
Find four shoes that are different sizes. Can you put them in order.​​​​​?
Counting in 2s – matching shoes 

What day is it yesterday, today, tomorrow?
Use timers, phones and clocks to measure short periods of time.
Count down 10/ 20 seconds to get to the table/ into bed etc.
Recognising numbers on the clock. If you cover a number, what number was missing?

Can you cut your toast into 4 pieces? Can you cut it into triangles?
Setting the table. Counting the right number of plates etc. How many more do we need?
Helping with the cooking by measuring and counting ingredients.
Setting the timer.
Positional language at dinner time: what is on the rice, where are the carrots etc?

Are you taller than a …?
Marking height on the wall.
 Cut hand shapes out of paper. How many hands long is the couch? How long is the table? Which is longer? How many steps from the gate to the front door?

Cut a potato into shapes (circles, triangle etc). Use with paint to make pictures and patterns
Cut out shapes from coloured paper/ newspaper and arrange into pictures.
Shape hunt: Can you find a square in your house (windows etc), a circle …

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