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Welcome to Class 5L 

Year 5 Spring Term 

Year 5 is moving fast and we are already into 2019. The spring term is a hard working term establishing core learning in year 5. Everyone is challenging themselves and moving their learning forward. it is really pleasing to see the class take greater ownership of their learning tasks and feeding back on thier achievements but more importantly recognising where they need to put in more practise to over come errors or to grasp something new. 

We are exploring South America this term looking at the Human and Physical Geography of this continent. This will allow use to make comparisons with our Local area and link up the river Mersey with the Amazon river. We are pleased to welcome the Mersey Gateway team to year 5 who will explore the bridge and river environment. We are also taking part in Crucial Crew workshops looking at how to stay safe in our homes and community this also includes some first aid.

Super Trip news...

A member of 5L has won a competition at Jaguar Land Rover and through some negotiation Jaguar have agreed to take the whole class on the prize winning trip to the Jaguar factory and robotics workshops. Details to follow.

School council Champions in 5L 

WE are very pleased to have super members of the school council and anti-bullying ambassadors in the class this year, who are leading events across school.

Sport team news 

Well done to the members of 5L who have represented the school at football and at the swimming gala this term 

Home Reading

All children will be asked to choose a home reading book. This may be from the class selection, school library, Widnes library or a book the children have at home that is appropriate. The children have been asked to check with Miss Irlam and their parents if the book is appropriate for their age and reading requirements. The children have been asked to read a range of books this year- different authors and styles of book. 

Reading Diary(Homework Diary) 

Children are asked to record the book title and pages they read in their diary. They should bring the diary to school each week/day to gain reading house points and for Miss Irlam to see how well their reading is going. Parents/carers are asked to sign their child's diary atleast once a week after listening to reading/discussing the chapters and story read by their child. In year 5 We are encouraging children to become independent readers and to read longer texts and therefore they will need to read some chapters to themselves to enable enjoyment of books and complete books in a reasonable time.

Please remember to read your home reader.

Write in your Homework Diary the name of your home reader and the pages you have read. Remember to show Miss Irlam the Diary to receive your reading house points each week.  

Spellings  - remember to use Spelling shed 

We learn about each week's spelling patterns on a Monday so you are able to take them home to practise. We will have practise time in the morning when you come in but you will need to learn your spellings at home for Friday.

You will have a spelling Log to keep each weeks spellings in which needs to be in school every Monday.



Learn your times tables, especially the 7X, 8X and 9X.

MULTIPLICATION TABLES please practise and get to know all the tables so that you can recall the answers at speed. Test yourself against the clock  and with mixed tests.

7 x 6 =    12 X 12 =    8 X 5 =   9 X 6 =  7 X 4 =   11 X 10 =  7 X 8 = 

Mathematics Targets.

​​We will be targeting working with Large numbers up to 1000,000, reading, writing , partitioning and comparing these numbers before moving on to calculation.

English Targets.

Handwriting - Joining handwriting when writing across all subjects is a target area for all children developing a clear neat style of writing. A good joined style of writing helps children write at length within a reasonable time as well as develop spelling paterns.

We will be focussing on developing childrens composition of different writing genre through looking at planning, paragraphing and sentence structures particularly the use of subordinate clause.

Reading - we are developing childrens reading stamina( ability to sustain reading and recall reading) and to look in greater depth at the meaning of texts and vocabulary






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